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S O C A  'N   W E T

Created by fitness expert and Barbados-born, Bajanalla Cann, Soca 'N Wet is an uplifting and high energy fitness class that awakens the spirit and energy of the Caribbean within all of us. 

This 45-minute class combines Caribbean culture, high and low energy cardio movement, strength and endurance training through the vibrant sounds of Soca and Dancehall music.

The vibes are designed to transform its' students from a catapillar to a butterfly through self-love. Come experience the culture and leave soak n' wet!  


"It doesn't matter what you look like,
it's what you can do.
It feels so good to be alive!"
- Bajanalla Cann

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soca 'n wet movement

Bajanalla cann
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Soca 'N Wet classes take place around various gyms and studios inthe New York City and Brooklyn areas on a daily basis. Each class is 45 minutes long and are led by Bajanalla Cann as well

as her Soca and Fitness Certified Instructors. For private training sessions, to become

a Soca 'N Wet instructor or to learn more about Bajanalla's monthly one-hour long fitness fetes

in the U.S. and Barbados, please visit the Fetes & Events tab.

Class Notice: Please be advised that Baja will not be teaching

Wed, November 22 - Sun, Nov. 26 and Nov 29th to Dec 5th.

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